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Yasir Hussain and Film Director of Javed Iqbal Win Award

Javed Iqbal, a feature film starring Yasir Hussain and Ayesha Omar, has been a major hit on a worldwide scale. The primary cast members are in the United Kingdom for the British Asian Film Festival, where the film was screened. Audiences reacted well to the film.

The film was directed by Abu Aleeha and based on Pakistan’s most famous serial murderer, Javed Iqbal, who confessed to killing over 100 young boys in Lahore in 1999. He was eventually apprehended and sentenced to death, but he committed suicide before receiving the sentence. The film “Javed Iqbal” was written and directed by Abu Aleeha, and it was produced by Javed Ahmed under the name of KKFilms.


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