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Noman Ijaz Under Fire For Boasting About His Extra-Marital Affairs

Pakistan’s Television star Noman Ijaz, in a recent interview, proudly boasted that he has cheated on his wife numerous times and got away clean too. Though the interview was conducted a year ago, but it became viral for all the big reasons this week.

The Jackson Heights actor, in an interview to Iffat Omar on the show ‘Say it all’, stated that he always appreciates inner and outer beauty of a woman. During the interview, Iffat Omar asked Noman ijaz the key to a successful marriage and further asked if he had fallen in love with anyone else and how does he control it. The long time actor, in response to this question said that he doesn’t control his feelings, in fact he gives it a try.

Ijaz continued and added that he’s very intelligent and doesn’t let his wife know about his love affairs. Earlier in his interview he claimed that he is lucky to have his wife and later he confessed that he has been repeatedly cheating on her. Talking about ‘MeToo’ he called it a gap between people and religion.

Until now, neither Noman Ijaz nor Iffat Omar have commented on this clip from the old interview. After the video went viral, the twitteraties were inflamed and this caused an out pour of outrage and hatred against him.


Another twitterati stated that she respected Ijaz as an actor but now he has lost all that. Sigh!


People were disappointed with Iffat Omer too as she seemed to enjoy all this and showed interest in learning tricks from Ijaz:

Sometimes people follow the public figures blindly, but what if they teach wrong doings?

People are actually disgusted by the fact that he was proud of what he had been doing and he thinks that he was intelligent enough to do that.



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