Is Atif Aslam Arrogant? |

Is Atif Aslam Arrogant?

By Staff / Published on Sunday, 17 Apr 2011 06:25 AM / 3 Comments / 3661 views

You probably have not heard of the Atif‘s performance alongside Imran Khan in Dubai that took place a few weeks ago. The two stars even posed together which led to the rumors of their collaboration.

We thought both artist would like each other and praise each other. However, a story from “The Express News” quoted Imran Khan saying:

“Atif Aslam is very arrogant, he didn’t want me to perform there, Atif was hogging the stage. I met him in the afternoon. He was trying hard to be nice but I could see through him.”

Imran continued on to say: “That’s why Pakistan will never be on that level, we will never get to that stage,” he says cryptically, still talking about the previous night’s Aslam drama. “I am out of the box, I am not from the UK and I am not from Pakistan. I am from Holland and we are very neutral, straight to the point.”

Since leaving his label and letting go of his old management. Imran Khan is working on an upcoming collaboration with American rapper T-Pain. They are set to work together in the next couple of months. Khan has also started work on a second album, in which he will sing, partly in English.

Check out Atif Aslam singing a new song “Karare Samose”
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