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Junaid Khan exits from Call Band

By Staff / Published on Thursday, 08 Nov 2012 20:56 PM / 3 Comments

Pakistani band Call has managed to gather a large fan base over the years with its edgy pop-rock sound. After rocking in Pakistan, it made its way across the subcontinent to India where it gave the crowd songs such as “Laree Chooti” and “Yeh Pal” and left them spellbound.

In an exclusive interview regarding his latest project Nescafe Basement, guitarist Zulfiqar Jabbar Khan, more popularly known as Xulfi, disclosed some shocking news: Junaid Khan, the lead singer and guitarist of Call, will no longer be a part of the band. As a replacement, Mustafa Zahid from Roxen, has been playing with the band instead.

“He [Junaid Khan] is very busy with his acting and personal commitments,” said Xulfi, expressing disappointment about Junaid’s solo career on the rise. He also said that Junaid is recording his own album. “This was news to us. He is busy doing his solo stuff.” Expanding on the rift, he added: “We have lost our common ground. When that happens, the band cannot survive. I have done other projects too, but they have always been under the name of Call. You have to pick one identity.”

When asked how different things would be after losing an integral member, Xulfi said that as long as he was a part of it, the essence of the band will remain intact. He added that unlike other countries, bands in Pakistan face the dilemma of making a living solely from their music career. According to him, bands such as Entity Paradigm (EP), Overload, and Jal also lost members and had to reform their line-ups and they ultimately did survive.

He further revealed, “Junaid was recording his album and we didn’t know — it was the way he wanted to go and we didn’t want to stop him just so we could continue to perform as a band.” He did not wish to share further details.

Junaid’s manager Hadi Imran confirmed this development, saying “This [Junaid’s departure from Call] had been decided a while back; it is being released to the media only now.”

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