Pakmanzil Valentines – Top 15 |

Pakmanzil Valentines – Top 15

By Staff / Published on Wednesday, 13 Feb 2013 12:00 PM / 4 Comments Valentines Day – Top 15 Songs

We have complied a bunch of Pakistani sad and love songs, that we believe should be on our top 15 list. Our list features legends like Nazia Hassan and Vital Signs, to current hits like Atif Aslam and Ali Zafar, to Underground artist like Suroor and Ali Khan. Do let us know what you think.


Dil Ki Lagi by

nazia hassan dil ki lagi

Dil Ki Lagi is probably the best Pakistani love song ever created. The song is great for those who are new to the feeling of love. The prayers in this song are the strong and motivational. The acoustics have added more quality and affection to this song.


Zalim Nazron Se by

Ali Haider

Hont Unabi, Aankhen Sharabi, Chaand sa Chehra, Mukhra Gulaabi! The lyrics are written in a style to praise your loved ones. The melody is amazing which is another plus for this song.

[audio: files/Zalim Nazron.mp3]



Jiya Na Jaaye by


This song has to be one of the most saddest romantic Pakistani songs out there. In the music video you see red confetti shaped like a heart falling from the sky throughout the music video. The song is beautifully written and is about how a person misses his/her ex-lover. The vocals and music including the sitar makes the song very sad and is for lovers who miss their lost ones.

[audio: files/Jiya Na Jaaye – Faakhir.mp3]


Sanwali Saloni by

vital signs

This musical masterpiece depicts the attractiveness of  brown complexion. In this song, the band praises the beauty of girls hailing from Pakistani village, specially the Cholistan Desert. So, if culture is what he/she likes then you want to express your feelings, add this song to your valentine’s playlist.

[audio: files/Junaid Jamshed – Sanwali.mp3]



Jugnuon Se Bhar Le Anchal  by

Ali Zafar

This Ali Zafar song gives a message that your relationship ‘now’ is what matters. The future is unpredictable and past has been washed away. So, make your day special by dedicating this song to your loved ones.

[audio: files/Jugnuon Se Bhar Le Anchal – Ali Zafar.mp3]



Do Dil by


This Noori song goes back to 1996 where it was originally written and composed . The song talks about two hearts who talk to each other letting one know they wont leave each other no matter what. This song defines true love and is probably  the best Noori song till date. This song should be in your Valentines playlist.


Pee Jaun by

farhan saeed

All the lonely folks out there, this song is best to remember your memories with your loved one. The deep lyrics and melodious vocals make this song more appealing. Do listen to this song as it will heal your wounds.



Bin Tere Kya Hai Jeena by

jawad ahmed

This song is amazing! One of our personal favorites. Its about letting your loved ones know that you can not live without them and that your lover is your everything.


Pehli Nazar Mein by

atif aslam

This block-buster hit song talks about love at first sight. Atif Aslam has took the world by storm with this track and it continues to be the favorite of lovers around the world. This is one love song that one simply can not hide from their playlist this Valentines.


Saathiya by

ali khan

Ali Khan’s ‘Saathiya’ is also a very sweet and heart-warming song for Valentines day. Ali’s soft voice, and the lyrics have made this song play in almost every Pakistani weddings, romantic gatherings, and more.


Dhadke Jiya by

Xulfi Call

This song is another romantic hit with Xulfi on the vocals. This song is featured in Bollywood movie ‘Aaloo Chaat’. The vocals and the lyrics in this song are very good and should be considered in every Valentines play-list.


Chandni Raat Mein by

ahmed jahanzeb

The talented Ahmed Jehanzeb’s ‘Chandni Raat Mein’ has set the tone of his album Laut Aao. The song  demonstrates that life isn’t just all about sad ditties. Its a very fast tempo style with amazing vocals and lyrics. A must have!


Shawa by


The talented trio of Haroon Rashid, Faakhir Mehmood, and Assad Ahmed came out with the song Shawa. The song is about not fearing about expressing your love and not giving up on your love. Its a true classic from the 90s and has to be in your playlist!


Deewana by

club caramel

The song begins with some light acoustic strumming and clicks, as Kiran begins singing with her voice that many have described being similar to Nazia Hassan’s. The romantic lyrics, style, and the chorus makes this a true love song.


Pyaar To Hona Hi Hai by  ft , &

Suroor ft Ali Haider and Najam Sheraz

This song is one of our favorites. The song has been featured in Bollywood movie ‘Sunday’ and its featured on Ajay Devgan and Ayesha Takia. However, when you hear the Pakistani remix version with Ali Haider and Najam Sheraz its a real hit! The song talks about falling in love with the same person over and over again. A must have this Valentines Day!


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