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Junaid Khan – Taqdeer

Singer turned actor, Junaid Khan has released a new single after a hiatus of seven years. Seven years ago the singer had released a single ‘Koi Rokey Mujhe’ for which he had written the lyrics himself. Talking about his recent release ‘Taqdeer’, Khan said ‘As I come back to music to highlight domestic violence that is so rampant in our society, Taqdeer is dedicated to everyone who is or has been a victim. It is my belief that with bad comes good and with suffering comes ease’.

The music video has been directed by As-haar Azmat who has made an appearance in the song too alongside Junaid Khan, Talat Butt, and Shareen Iftikhar. This song has impressed us especially because these days we have come across numerous cases of domestic violence, rape, and murder. Every other day we see hashtags like #justicefor someone trending on the social media and its all about violence. While the criminals are arrested at that time but later they roam freely and the violence continues. We believe that Khan has delivered a strong message to everyone regarding domestic violence.

Junaid Khan, during this hiatus of seven years, was focusing more on his acting career. He is recently seen in the blockbuster drama serial ‘Khuda Aur Mohabbat 3’ where his acting skills are much appreciated by the audience. Some of his successful acting projects include Ishq Tamasha, Yaariyan, Kashf, Sun Yaara, and Kamzarf.


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