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Hania Amir Faces Criticism On Her Latest Pictures

Hania Amir made her place in the Showbiz in a very short time and now she has become one of the most anticipated actresses of our country. Hania is an epitome of extreme beauty and talent and in spite of not belonging to a celebrity family, she managed to reach the top just because of her skills. At start, she used to make dubmash videos for fun and enjoyment and that was one of the main reasons she got an opportunity to enter the Showbiz industry.

Hania has always been in the spotlight for one reason or another. However, recently she posted her pictures from the launch of her upcoming series ‘Meray dost Meray Yar’. Fans started bashing her because of her attire and some of the responses were totally uncalled for.

Apart from this, she was also being criticized for having lip fillers. Fans were actually quiet disappointed as they liked her look prior to the fillers. However, some people think that she didn’t have fillers, in fact it was an Instagram filter that made her look like that. Anyhow!

Earlier she went viral when she announced her breakup with Asim Azhar and said that they are ‘just friends’. All this happened during a live interview. The clip started making rounds on social media and people started trolling her and Asim. When the trolling reached an unbearable extent, Hania had to request everyone to stop the criticism.

Criticism and trolling is a part of celebrity life; while some of them enjoy it, others can’t bear it. Positive criticism is always good but sometimes the social media trolls go beyond the line which is not needed at all and is unethical too.

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