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Mathira Defends Her Addiction to Alcohol

Mathira got her start in the Pakistani entertainment industry as a host of late-night programs. At the time, her broadcasts were extremely popular, and troll calls would frequently flood the live hotline. From the beginning of her career, Mathira has been the target of harsh criticism for a variety of controversies. Though she has been written off by the public more than once, she has persevered and is now an acknowledged figure.

Mathira has become incredibly resilient as a result of the struggles she has faced, and she is not afraid to say what’s on her mind. Mathira has discussed issues that many in her field prefer to keep under wraps. As the mother of three sons, the eldest of whom is a teenager, she offers her advice from the perspective of someone who has lived through a lot and wants to help young people learn from her mistakes.

Mathira discussed her alcohol use in a recent interview on Momina’s Mixed Plate. She disclosed that she had been in a terrible car accident in 2019 that required the use of steroids due to a punctured lung. She felt terrible and relied heavily on liquor to dull the discomfort. Since then, Mathira has completely given up alcohol, and she has been sober for well over two years. Teenagers, she said, may be tempted to try new things in life, but doing so isn’t productive.



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