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WAAR Movie Review

Waar Movie Review

Waar movie has finally been released in the cinema screens across Pakistan. The premiere of the movie was held at Atrium Cinema on 10th Oct, The event was attended by the main cast from the movie and many other celebrities from the Showbiz world.

Bilal Lashari, The director of the movie has done a great work on the visuals of the movie which can been seen in the trailer of the film. The lead cast of the movie includes the renowned Pakistani actor Shaan Shahid and it’s time he finally leaves the gujjar image and has transformed himself according to the script also starring, actress Ayesha Khan, Hamza Abbasi and Ali Azmat while the main antagonist is played by the actor-turned produces Shamoon Abbasi who gave the feel of a real villain along with singer Meesha Shafi.

Disclaimer: The review may contain spoilers

Waar Movie Review:

There is nothing much new in the plot which becomes quite predictable as the story progresses. An ex-army officer Mujtaba (Shaan Shahid) is called back once again to protect the future of the country from the deadly plan against the country by Rammal (Shamoon Abbasi). Siblings Javeria (Ayesha Khan) and Ehtisham (Hamza Abbasi) also assist Mujtaba to investigate and stop the evil plans of Rammal. Ejaz Khan (Ali Azmat) is an honest Pakistani politician who loves his country but falls prey for Laxmi (Meesha Shafi) who is an agent from across the border.

Waar movie rating watch

There are only two reasons the movie may get huge success at box office the great visual effects has well as the technical aspects in the movie which has set higher standards for the cinematography in South-Asia but stills lags behind Hollywood and Shaan Shahid’s acting performance who really shocked the audience.

Qayyas the band and Umair Jaswal have both done wonders with their music in the movie.

Language of the movie tells about the audience it has targeted and is not for the masses within the country having only few scenes where the national language is spoken otherwise the main language used is English so it lacks the originality of the culture of Pakistan.

Final Words:

If you’re a lover of actions movies ‘Waar’ is going to serve you right with the amazing stunts and action sequences which leave you quite surprised and stunned.

What do you say which movie are you going to watch this Eid?


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