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Haroon’s “Go Saabjee Go”

With millions of adoring fans and global sales of over 3 million albums…now watch out for ‘Go Sahab Jee Go’…Haroon’s brand new video! The track is featured on his upcoming album, ‘Haroon Ka Safar’, and brings to life the plight of the common man… their struggle to battle corruption, poverty and the daily grind of living life in modern day Pakistan.  Whereas the lyrics are strong in their perspective and express the underlying sense of desperation felt by the ‘ordinary citizen’, the visual style and imagery provide a sense of comic relief through exaggerated, theatrical humor and the use of symbolism. This is a deliberate attempt to present the hard-hitting subject matter in a way that is both  palatable and entertaining!

We wish best of luck to our dear friend Haroon! Keep rocking!

Nationwide Video Premiere: Friday, 7th May 2010

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