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Mahira Khan To Sing In Upcoming Film

Mahira Khan has hinted that in her next film with Shoaib Mansoor her fans may just see her sing.

When asked whether she’s a singer, Mahira was quick to dismiss the notion: “No no! Although Shoaib Mansoor feels I am a singer. He feels I am better at singing than acting.”

Turns out, the director wants her to sing in his upcoming film, Verna.

“He wants me to sing in our new film together called Verna,” adds Mahira. “He knows his music. But I can’t! I am extremely self-critical.”

In an earlier statement, Mansoor said,

“This film is being made by a man of Pakistan, to urge the men of the world to listen to women. It will encourage women to speak up. Khuda kay liye bol verna… (For God’s sake, speak up, or else…)”

Mansoor has also written the script of the film and like his previous film (Khuda Kay Liye), this one also promises to tackle social issues.