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5 Actresses We Want Opposite Fahad Mustafa In A Film!

If there had to be one particular thing that was earning ARY Digital its ratings, it wouldn’t be anything else than Jeeto Pakistan! And who has made Jeeto Pakistan, the most watched, the most liked reality TV show in the history of television? None, other than our very own, Fahad Mustafa!

Hands down to this seriously! To handle a crowd of 500 people and not lose his calm when people are particularly throwing themselves upon him…Fahad Mustafa is a one man show! And we aren’t saying that only because of his acting skills. This talented guy has proved his mark when it comes to solid acting as well. Yes, Fahad Mustafa is one gem of a person and one hell of an actor!

Fahad Mustafa certainly has a very fresh sense of humour, a charming aura and an infectious smile. This combined with his style and acting skills certainly becomes a lethal combination. So which one of our leading ladies are a good enough match for this hunk, when it comes to onscreen pairing.

Here’s what we think….

Ayeza Khan

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Ayeza Khan and Fahad Mustafa had a wonderful chemistry in the drama serial Pul Sirat on ARY Digital and it would definitely work for the big screen too. Fahad is a fantastic actor with a very charming personality; we’d love to see him wooing the beautiful Ayeza Khan in a movie!

Ainy Jaffri

This Balu Mahi star certainly has the promise to make it big in the industry. She’s pretty, bubbly and has a fairy-tale like aura about her. We’d really like it if we could see Fahad Mustafa with Ainy Jaffri in a romantic movie together.

Iman Ali

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We’ve seen the couple together in Mah e Mir and we’d certainly want to see more of them together. Iman Ali is a very versatile actress and isn’t shy of portraying any type of characters. Be they bold characters or those of a girl next door, this sultry beauty certainly knows how to play. The leading lady certainly does justice to whatever role she takes on and we’d definitely like to see her paired with Fahad once again.

Mahira Khan

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We’ve seen this talented lady make waves across the border with SRK… but we’d certainly like to know how she handles being paired against our very own handsome hunk who doesn’t fall short when it comes to acting. We’d prefer Mahira Khan with Fahad Mustafa in a movie playing a role that is just as powerful as the male lead.

Saba Qamar

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This one lady is a firecracker! With so much of versatility and a definite knack for realistic acting, we’d like to see this powerhouse performer paired with Fahad Mustafa. And again we’d demand a powerful role where the Lahore Se Agay star Saba Qamar gets to portray all that she’s got!

Do you agree with our picks? Send in your feedback and let us know in the comments section!


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