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Atif Aslam Talks About Losing Child

The singing sensation and one of the most celebrated artists of Pakistan, Atif Aslam in a recent interview with AB Talks, reflected on his journey. AB Talks is a YouTube show hosted by Anas Bukhash, in which he interviews celebrities and discusses those aspects of their lives which most of us might not know. He talked about his childhood, relationship with cricket, music, God, and his fans.

Atif shocked his fans with many revelations; one of which was about losing his child. He revealed that his wife had a miscarriage back in 2019 and how it had affected him. It happened when he was in Turkey to perform at one of the biggest and most lavish Indian wedding party. The wedding hosted more than 650 guests who were entertained by the famous singers Akon, Ruskar Prakash, and Rahit Khan along with Atif Aslam.

So, Anas Bukhash asked Atif Aslam about his worst moment in his life and Atif narrated the incident. He started by saying that he mostly doesn’t remember any worst moments because he doesn’t want to, he actually found it difficult to recall his worst moments in life. Then he said that his wife Sara was 4 or 5 months pregnant and at that time he had to attend a show in Turkey. Right before his performance, his wife called and told him that their baby has no heartbeat. Atif told Sara to go to the doctor and ask about what’s happening, and she said that she already went to the doctor.

After sometime he was on stage and he performed for two and a half hours. He told that right in front of him was a huge crowd of people waiting to be entertained. Most of them were drinking and were enjoying his performance to the fullest. After performing he came back to his room around 11.30 pm; he was in Antalya at that time. He requested his team to arrange a car for him so that he could visit Konya. He wanted to visit Shams Tabrizi and Rumi’s shrine and spend some time alone there. He told about this to his friend only who insisted to go with him, but Atif decided to go alone on a three and a half hour journey to Konya. During his journey, he kept on thinking about how helpless we humans are!

The shrine had to open at 8 am and Atif reached there at 6.30 am; there was no one there and it was raining. He said that he wasn’t there to question anything that had happened, nor he was in a state to do so. He was just there to realize that humans are powerless and still they involve in everything. On hearing this, Anas agreed that being helpless is really the worst thing that can happen to someone. Atif Aslam further said that his wife is a brave woman because she handled it all very well.

Looking at the lives of the celebrities many of us might think about their fame, wealth, and happiness only. Little do we know that they have their worst moments too, they go through depression too like us and life can be hard on them just like it’s on us. The important thing is how to fight depression and come out of the worst moments in your life.


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