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#Go: Abdullah Siddiqui and Atif Aslam break the internet!

Is there anything Atif Aslam CAN’T do? Probably not. He’s a global superstar in love songs, but he also has the right voice for spiritual music. He’s recently been attracting a younger crowd, where hip-hop is the dominant music genre.

PSL anthem with Abdullah Siddiqui and Aima Baig is the latest to feature him. One of the biggest stars in the music industry right now, Abdullah Siddiqui, is making sure the anthem has the power to move people.

Abdullah Siddiqui and Atif Aslam’s stunning blend of Urdu and English appears on Coke Studio’s newest season 14 song, “Go.” “An ode to sensitivity” is the title of Coke Studio’s newest song.

On Instagram, Siddiqui thanked Coke Studio producer Xulfi for encouraging him to create a “wonky desi hyper pop song” that included Atif Aslam, a superstar in the Pakistani music scene. ‘Thank you for being there to lead me through all of my worry and anxiety, and for establishing an artistically giving setting,’ he added.

Fans’ responses to the unexpected cooperation on Twitter have been frantic, as one would expect. There are a lot of people who have been looking forward to watching this song this season.



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