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Asim Azhar – Jo Tu Na Mila

Pakistan’s youngest pop singer Asim Azhar came into the limelight five years ago with his renditions of Ed Sheeran’s A-Team and Flo Rida’s Whistle and became an instant sensation among the youth. The singer has also made appearances in Coke Studio season 9 and 10.

Asim has now released a single in association with Universal Music India which is likely to strike a chord with his fans. The beautifully shot song is a ballad about two lovers, one of whom has moved on while the other is still deeply in love. Taking the role of the protagonist, Asim tries his best to fit the part and surprisingly manages to pull it off without overdoing it. Iqra Aziz — who has been wooing audience with her stellar performances in TV dramas — plays his love interest in the video.

The music video, without a doubt, makes for an aesthetically pleasing experience. The shots are executed beautifully which adds value to the overall audiovisual experience. The use of reds in the music video also appears to be strategic. Red signifies passion, desire but it also signifies danger and fire which is the theme of this song. If you continue to be engrossed in unrequited love, you ought to be in danger for hurting your own feelings.


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