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Farhan Saeed Invites The Bionic Arm Guitarist Muaaz Zahid

The singer turned actor, Farhan Saeed, recently invited Muaaz Zahid, the guitarist with a bionic arm to perform on his next gig in Lahore. Let us give you a short introduction of Muaaz Zahid, whose video went viral a few weeks ago in which he was playing an instrument with his bionic arm. Zahid is a 26-year old Engineer and Guitarist who met a life-threatening accident while he was at a rooftop celebration in Faisalabad. Unfortunately, his right hand touched a high-tension wire which caused 11,000 Watts of Electricity to pass through his arms.

The electrocution caused amputation of his arm below the elbow as it was the only way to save his life. The doctors then fitted a bionic arm so that he could get back to his normal routine. However, this incident didn’t stop Muaaz from playing guitar and he was confident and said ‘I will play and I will play’. After three months of rest, he played guitar for the first time and people couldn’t stop appreciating him.

Muaaz said that he was waiting for a big gig to perform but even if there is no big opportunity for him, he will still play. His dream came true when Farhan Saeed came forward and offered him to perform at his next gig in Lahore. Farhan praised his talent and wished him all the best for the future.


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