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Atif Aslam talks about Patriotism

Atif Aslam


Like many other crickets all around the globe, Shoaib Malik has also started his virtual talk show on Social Media. His recent guest was Atif Aslam, who unlike his songs is very candid in real life.

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Malik was quick to ask striking questions especially about working in India and how he feels when people criticize him due to tensions between the neighboring countries.

“Artistes who’ve lit up Pakistan’s name, propagated it to the world when people didn’t know what Pakistan was, like Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan sahab did a lot of work.” Atif replied.

“Even now, if you talk about the recognition of an artiste – in our passport, there is a space where you specify your profession and around 4-5 years back I noticed that there was an option for choosing ‘beggar’ but not a ‘musician’ or ‘artist’,” he added.

He then reiterated how we, as a nation, need to appreciate “our art, our culture, and we need to celebrate our sportsmen, musicians, artists.”

Atif also mentioned that we need to appreciate and care for our “intellectuals, poets and philosophers” because they are extremely precious.

He then took a dig at the people questioning him over working in Bollywood, saying, “I belong to this country, I am from this country and I am very proud of this country. I am proud of myself, Alhamdulillah (Thank God)…”


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