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Iman Aly seems ‘unimpressed’ by Mahira Khan’s acting

Iman Aly is considered as one of the finest actresses in the Lollywood and has been featured in many good movies.

Finally, she’s making a comeback after taking time off due to her health issues and she will be next seen in Tich Button which will be produced by Urwa Hoccane. She will star along with Farhan Saeed and Feroze Khan.

She was recently invited at Say it all with Iffat Omar where she makes some interesting revelations.

But the most interesting was her comments about her fellow actress Mahira Khan. Aly revealed that she isn’t a huge fan of her acting, saying, “Usko VJ hi rehna chahiye tha (She should have remained a VJ)”

Mahira Khan has been one of the leading actresses in Lollywood for a long time now and has worked in Bollywood as well. And she is also the first brand ambassador of L’Oreal Paris from Pakistan.


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