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In response to criticism of Anum Fayyaz’s transformation, Noor Bukhari


Once you’ve experienced success, leaving the glamorous world of show business is not an easy task. Many people throughout the world work extremely hard their entire lives to establish themselves in the field and gain attention from the general public. Several of our own stars have chosen to pursue their religious convictions despite the fact that fame is addicting and tough to quit. The most notable example is the late Junaid Jamshed, though there are other examples as well. Anum Fayyaz is the most recent Hollywood actor to convert to Islam. Anum has performed in numerous dramas during her career and is well-known in the public for the parts she has played.

She bid the industry farewell on Instagram and revealed this change in career paths. Most people expressed their admiration and best wishes for her as soon as the news broke, while some people insisted that she was only doing it for fame and to stay relevant.

Another name who abandoned her life in show business and chose the path of Allah is Noor Bukhari. She spoke up to defend Anum and responded appropriately to everyone who had been critical of her.

According to Noor, when Allah grants Hidayat to a person who is already well-known and that person decides to choose a different course in front of other people, Allah is demonstrating his existence and strength.

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