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Mathira Discloses Pakistan’s Toxic Party Culture

In Pakistan, Mathira has a reputation for being a very contentious celebrity. She has, however, developed much from her beginnings, and she is now regarded as a person who has overcome obstacles to find success in this world while developing. Mathira is renowned for taking courageous stands and speaking her opinion without considering the repercussions.

When Mathira appeared as a guest on Mooroo’s podcast, she gave a wealth of information about her life, her problems, and her way of thinking. She also exposed the grim reality of the society and its members. Mathira discussed her experiences in a toxic relationship and the culture she came across at the time.

Mathira opened up about the toxic party culture that exists in Pakistan. She said that alcoholism and drugs are the choice of many young people out there and they think of it as fun. Mathira though being very non-judgmental towards anyone’s life choices advised youth to focus on their studies and careers. She said that she has also once indulged in a life like that as she was going through a very bitter relationship and a very hard time in life. But she came out of it and would lie to tell youngsters that do not waste your time in alcohol and partying. This is your time to build a base for yourself so you come out stronger later in life.


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