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Sadaf Kanwal’s Opinion On When To Get Married

They first connected when Sadaf Kanwal and Shahroz Sabzwari were introduced during an awards ceremony in Norway. Because Shahroz’s divorce had just recently been finalized, there was a lot of trolling when they immediately got married in a very basic ceremony. However, things eventually worked out, and the couple is now parents to a little child named Zahra Shahroz while successfully pursuing their individual jobs.

Sadaf Kanwal has strong traditional views on marriage and is hesitant to share her convictions out loud for fear of appearing uncultured. She previously stated that she thought a woman should care for her spouse, and now that she has appeared as a guest on Hasna Mana Hai, she has expressed her opinion on the ideal age to be married.

There is undoubtedly a proper age for marriage, according to Sadaf, but one should always prioritize their own success before considering getting hitched. Many females, according to her, are truly anticipating a lavish wedding day and do not give future events much thought. Therefore, they should put their academics and families first. Then, when you find Mr. Right, you can get married.


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