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Shaniera Akram Discusses Converting to Islam Prior to Marriage

Shaniera Akram is known as Pakistan’s national bhabi. People have loved and respected her since the day she arrived in Pakistan after marrying renowned cricketer and pundit Wasim Akram. She has welcomed Pakistan with open arms, and we have witnessed her work for the country’s betterment.

Waseem Akram with his wife Shaniera Akram

Shaneira Akram had a lot of changes to make in her new phase of life. She had to relocate to a foreign country and adapt to a new environment and culture. Shaneira Akram became a Muslim before marrying Wasim Akram. Shaneira revealed some surprising insights when asked about such a significant transformation in her life. She stated that she did not convert to Islam but rather accepted the religion because she had never followed any religion before Islam.

Shaneira stated that she has been learning more about this since converting to Islam. She is on a journey, and she believes religion has found her. She claims to go through phases in which she learns something new every day and memorizes it.

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