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The Real Age & Marriage Plans of Rabeeca Khan

Rabeeca Khan is a stunning and brilliant Pakistani YouTuber and TikToker who started her career at a young age. She now has millions of fans across all social media platforms and is well-known for both her lovely demeanor and her incredible talent.

In fact, Rabeeca Khan recently discussed her upcoming marriage and age in an interview for Bol Television Network’s “The Insta Show with Mathira.” She also discussed the issue surrounding her age.

Talking about trolling on age, she said, “I am eighteen years old , I turned eighteen this year, people think if they are sixteen or eighteen, they are lying and hiding the real age, but I already told about my age to you that when I was 15 I started making Tiktok videos and now I am eighteen”

When asked about marriage, she remarked that she was too young and hadn’t given it any thought. She declared that twenty-two would be the ideal age for her to be married.

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