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Where Has Maya Khan Been Since She Vanished From the Industry?

Maya Khan has a significant amount of experience in the field. She began her career as a child performer on Radio Pakistan, and after landing a job at PTV, she went on to land roles in a variety of programs broadcast on a number of different private networks. Maya Khan is one of the prominent names that soared to the top as leaders in her field as soon as the trend of morning shows got off the ground. She has been one of the frontrunners in her business. In the past, she has hosted morning shows, weddings, and transmissions during the holy month of Ramadan.

She was also involved in a series of major scandals throughout her career, but all of a sudden, her presence was nowhere to be seen on television, and she has been absent from the entertainment industry for some time now. People were definitely curious about where Maya Khan went, and then she suddenly reappeared after undergoing a significant amount of physical change and began hosting a morning show on a news station.

She admitted during her appearance as a guest on G Sarkar that she had been through a really difficult period in her life, which included the death of her brother from cancer, a very difficult divorce, and then overcoming a controversy. After everything that had taken place, she decided that she simply wanted to give up on everything, including her profession, and as a result, she vanished from our screens. When she had reached her lowest point, she made the decision to pull herself up by her bootstraps and pursue happiness.

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