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Why Feroze Khan Reversed His Decision to Leave the Entertainment Industry

One of the top male performers now working in Pakistani drama is without a doubt Feroze Khan. He has a sizable fan base, and his dramas consistently rank highly in the ratings. His characters are frequently discussed, and during the past few years, Feroze has been able to deliver a number of successes. However, he chose a drastically different path for his profession than what he is doing at the moment.

Feroze Khan made the decision to exit the entertainment profession after filming Khuda Aur Mohabbat 3. He desired to cease acting and work on his spiritual life. After leaving the entertainment industry, Feroze intended to launch a clothing line. But at the end he decided against it and signed another drama.

In an interview with BBC, Feroze Khan explained why he first planned to quit show business before changing his mind. He claimed that the combination of shooting outside and being stranded in one spot for more than a month caused him to reflect on his life. He didn’t want to carry on performing at that point because of this. But after that, he returned to the scene and began appearing in more dramas. Feroze previously detailed how his Sheikh had advised him against making such a significant move.



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