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Why Is Maria Wasti Still Single?

Maria Wasti is a fantastic actress who has been in numerous dramas. Her dramas Kallo, Neend, Boota From Toba Tek Singh, and Ashiyana made her famous and popular. Her on-screen pair with Saleem Sheikh and Kashif Mehmood was adored by fans.

Maria Wasti
The actress is still unmarried, and she is frequently questioned about her marital prospects. When asked about her wedding intentions again, she replied, “I am successful because I haven’t gotten married yet.” After that, she stated that marriage is not one’s entire life, but rather a part of one’s life and that I will marry at the appropriate moment. She further said that she was not searching for the right partner. It will happen at right time. After that, she jokingly said that she loves one of the panelist comedians on the show.

Maria Wasti

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