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Zoya from Habs Talks About Being Bullied Because of Her Skin Color

Janice Tessa, a recent entry into the theatre world, is currently wowing everyone with her powerful performance as Zoya in Habs. Janice, a Lahore native and film graduate, initially started making TikTok videos as a hobby and way to kill time, but thanks to her sharp facial expressions, she quickly became popular. After making her acting debut in Habs, Jessa is now receiving media attention in general.

When Janice appeared as a guest on Fuchsia, she talked about the harassment she has seen since working in the field. Janice revealed that the unfair norms of our culture have caused her to endure criticism of her skin tone from an early age, and the business world likewise only values those with fair complexion.

She claimed that a member of the industry informed her plainly that only females with pale skin may become heroines. She also lost a telecom company’s advertisement because they were looking for a “white” person. Janice claimed that although she is content with herself and does not particularly care what other people think, society as a whole has to change.

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