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Tuba Amir Receives Hate From Public

Amir Liaqat’s ex-wife Syeda Bushra Iqbal took it to social media and said that the politician and former religious scholar Amir Liaqat divorced her over the phone. She said that it was a painful and traumatic experience for her and her children as he did so on the request of his second wife, Tuba Amir.

Amir Liaquat announced the news of his marriage to Tuba around two years ago and then his Valima ceremony pictures started making rounds on the social media. Since then his first wife Bushra never spoke about the issue directly on the social media but some indirect posts gave us the idea that she is traumatized by her husband’s second marriage.

Tuba Amir is receiving hate and backlash from public in this regard because she requested Amir Liaqat to divorce his first wife over the phone, which is obviously very humiliating.


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