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Mahira Khan and Fahad Mustafa talks about their new film

Mahira Khan and Fahad Mustafa’s upcoming film Quaid-e-Azam is the most talked project in the Pakistani media at the moment. After a fair amount of wait Fahad and Mahira finally revealed the first look of the film.

Both the actors also shared the posters, with a caption: “Kabhi yeh socha hai, note per Quaid-e-azam Ki tasveer kyun hai? (Have you ever wondered why is there a photo of Quaid e Azam on the bill),”.

The Nabeel Qureshi directorial is co-written by him with Fiza Ali Meerza. There is no release date as of yet but it would have been released if there was no pandemic.

As we are well aware of the nuance in the direction of Nabeel Qureshi, the film is tipped to make big on the big screens.


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