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The most difficult obstacle for Fawad Khan to overcome in Maula Jatt was the language of Punjabi.  

After a hiatus of 15 years, Fawad Khan will make his long-awaited return to Pakistani theaters in the leading role of Maula Jatt, which is just around the corner and will be released very soon. After leaving an impression on everyone he worked with in Khuda Ke Liye, Fawad Khan began a career in television. After he left, he became successful in Bollywood, and ever since he came back, we have been looking for him everywhere. The film is performed in the Punjabi language because the story takes place in Punjab, and Fawad Khan takes on the role of Maula Jatt, a famous role that was formerly played by Sultan Rahi.

Since Fawad Khan lives in Lahore, the city in which he received his schooling, it is only logical for people to presume that he is a native Punjabi speaker who comes from the geographic center of Punjab. However, Fawad disclosed that he was born in Karachi, and that after his family relocated several times due to his father’s business, they finally made their home in Lahore. However, the actor does not have a strong command of Punjabi because his family did not utilize that language at home.

He also mentioned that the writer of the movie, Nasir Adeeb, was the one who assisted him with the precise pronunciations and the application of the appropriate expressions to the conversations. And standing in the other corner was Hamza, who is entirely at ease while speaking the language. Fawad had to put in a lot of effort to ensure that the terminology was accurate as well. He claimed that he had only viewed a portion of the original Maula Jatt since it was too complicated for him to comprehend the whole thing.



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