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Amna Ilyas Under Fire For Body Shaming Amina Haq

The model Amna Ilyas is known for her confidence and bold statements on various issues, especially when it comes to body shaming and discrimination based on complexion and weight. She has also spoken against brands and even her fellow artists for promoting fairness creams. Recently, Amna took a dig on Aiza Khan’s ad on fairness cream too and created a parody ad where she put her face into a bowl of flour to look fair.

However, a clip of her interview with HSY from 2018 became viral recently in which she was being seen totally different from what she’s been doing and saying these days. In the video, she and other model Sadaf Kanwal were playing a game in which they had to guess the name of the person through hand gestures and expressions only. Ilyas had to give a hint to Sadaf so that she could guess Amina Haq’s name. While Ilyas could hint on some other thing, she chose to make gesture of a fat person. Kanwal then asked ‘Moti hogyee hay?’ Amina Haq?

Even the show host, Hassasn Shehryar seemed to be alarmed and he said ‘Oh My God’. Since the video has been making rounds on social media, people are being furious and calling out Amna Ilyas for what she had said. People are calling this as ‘hypocrisy’ as she did the opposite of what she always endorses. Many people then tagged Amina Haq and she responded to the scenario as well:

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