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The Secret Of Hira Mani’s Transformation

Hira Mani stepped into Showbiz as a VJ and host, and now she is one of the most popular actresses of our industry. She disappeared from the screen for some time after marriage and the birth of her sons, but when she returned to the screen, she left almost everyone gobsmacked. What people saw was a completely transformed Hira Mani who looked no different than a slender nice-looking teenage girl. Here are some glimpses of her when she had gained weight:


And then she decided to lose weight and came back with a bang. Here’s how she looks now:

Hira Mani shared how she transformed to a Diva and told that she worked very hard for it. She followed a strict diet plan and always considered breakfast as the most important meal of the day. She also told the miracles of drinking warm water with lemon and honey every morning before breakfast. The actress ate clean, and had included green tea to her daily routine. Lunch mostly included eggs with bread and for dinner it was fish.

Apart from that, Hira used to do yoga which gave her the flexibility and relaxation which she needed throughout the day. According to her, every woman is unique and one must first experiment on the diets that are best suited for her. Being slim and smart doesn’t only make you attractive, but it also keeps you healthy. If you’re willing to lose some weight, Hira’s story is an inspiration.

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