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Watch Sadaf Kanwal’s Interview And Her Take On Marriage

Model and actress Sadaf Kanwal and her husband Shahroz Sabzwari were recently interviewed by the host Fizza Shoaib in her show ‘Hamare Mehman’ on ARY news. The model shared her views on marriage and feminism that stirred a debate on the internet and netizens started trolling her. We have always noticed that people only appreciate those things that match their views and ideology and if someone speaks up against them, he/she receives severe backlash. Anyhow, if you didn’t come across the full interview, watch here and let us know whether she’s right or wrong.

In her interview to ARY, Kanwal was asked about her life choices and she was free to give her opinion. She was asked about whether women are oppressed or not and she said ‘Women are very strong, I think i’m very strong and I know you’re strong too’. She further talked about the strength of women and Shahroz also added his two cents by saying: ‘What a woman can do, a man cannot. This is the role of a woman only and both should understand their roles. God has assigned different roles to each of them otherwise why would God make two different types of people?’

Fizza asked Sadaf about her views on feminism and Aurat March and what she said was totally opposite to the expectations of majority of the feminists. Sadaf defended her traditional culture and said ‘Our culture is our husband. I have married him and I will pick up his shoes and iron his clothes. I know what he likes to eat and where are his things because I’m a woman and his wife. He should know these things about me too but I should know more. These are my views because I’ve seen this while growing up. The recent wave of feminism has become a part of our lives because of the liberals’.

Sadaf further said ‘I believe that you should consider your husband as a husband. The status of a husband is higher because he earns and feeds us and the wife takes care of the children. Although I work too but I can’t compete with my husband’.

Sadaf’s take on marriage and feminism had the internet divided and her statements became viral. #SadafKanwal was trending on Twitter and people were pouring their thoughts on her comments on marriage and culture. Have a look at some of these:

People also started calling ‘Sadaf’ as the female version of ‘Khalil-ur-Rehman Qamar’ as they both have same views on feminism:

Apart from all the trolling, there were many those who appreciated her for giving her two cents in this regard. Many considered her brave enough to give her viewpoint:


Later Shahroz put up a status on his Insta in support for her wife:


We believe that everyone has his/her choice when it comes to marriage and responsibilities. If someone’s happy doing the housewifely duties, let her do. Husband and wife both share some responsibilities and as long as they’re happy sharing them, we are no one to judge. Watch the complete interview of the celebrity couple here and share your thoughts in comments!



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