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Bushra Ansari on How Social Media Is Harming the Next Generation

Bushra Ansari is an unstoppable senior and multitalented actor. Her fame and demand are still great after so many years in the entertainment industry. She is regarded as one of Pakistan’s top actresses. Bushra Ansari was recently featured in GMP’s “Shan-e-Suhoor.”

“I’m honestly very worried about our young generation,” Bushra Ansari said when discussing the harm that social media is causing to the younger generation. There are a slew of applications, including TikTok, Snapchat, PUBG, and a slew of others, that this generation has become addicted to, and I’ve heard that individuals are making a lot of money off of them.”

She also said,”My concern is that if our young generation begins to profit from such apps, they will abandon their education.” They will be enticed by the money offered by such apps, and their enthusiasm in studies will wane. When will they study if they are more concerned with making money than with their education? Because of these pointless apps, our next generation will not become doctors.

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