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Saba Faisal Reveals Her Weight-Loss & Beauty Tips

In Pakistani dramas, Saba Faisal is a must-see. Many of our dramas will lose their allure if she isn’t present. She has played everything from out-of-the-box characters to a loving mother to a vampy mother-in-law, and she has always done it flawlessly.

Saba Faisal has lately dropped a lot of weight, and she revealed her weight-loss secret when she appeared as a guest on Rabia Anum’s show. She stated that she has begun exercising, which she had not done previously, and that she has entirely eliminated rice, wheat, and sugar from her diet. She also revealed that she consumes everything but in smaller portions.

She also mentioned that she is constantly concerned about her appearance and that everyone should do the same. She stated that going to a salon is not required; you may do it at home as well.

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