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Ali Gul Pir’s Hilarious Reaction to Hira Mani’s, Internet Hit

Hira Mani is a popular actress who is adored by many of her admirers, yet she frequently causes controversy with her rude and thoughtless words. Her controversies also elicit criticism.
Her recent controversial statement about weight loss grabbed news, and fans were outraged. A video of her saying, “The males who are strict and taunt women regarding weight are okay, that’s how women stay slender,” went viral. Mani asked me to follow a diet when I gained 64 kg and told me to “lose weight.”

Hira Mani received a lot of backlash after the video went viral and fans slammed her. Ali Gul Pir, who is incredibly gifted, has replicated the viral video, and he has posted an exceedingly humorous replication of it. His additional props, subtitles, and expressions made the film entertaining. Fans adored his humor through the images of Bollywood actresses. Fans had been anticipating the video and are now adoring Ali Gul Pir’s appropriate movements and reactions. Check out the video.


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