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Fahad Mustafa Discusses The Film Industry’s Decline.

Actor Fahad Mustafa is the most successful and well-known actor and host in film and television. He has a lot of hit movies and dramas in his collection. The actor frequently comments on the film industry and the issues that it is currently facing.
He discussed films in depth in his most recent chat with Nauman Ijaz. “I think we were doing fine, our films were witnessing growth until 2019,” Fahad Mustafa stated regarding his thoughts on films. Things did eventually deteriorate. I believe that firms that grow quickly also come apart quickly; the evil eye fell on us, and things worsened throughout Covid. Also, the political situation has hit us really badly after which Indian films were banned, it affected cinema. In Pakistan, the TV industry has a very deep bond with the audience. The film industry does not have that.”

On a question about local filmmakers’ work, he said, “If I will ask you to name five good films, you will not be able to tell about them and If I will ask you about films’ songs, even the singers here will not be able to answer about them, which pretty much tells that we haven’t delivered anything significant yet. Accepting our mistakes is good, that way, we can move forward. We need to make 70 to 80 films per year, with 10 to 15 of those being films that we can own. Each year, one filmmaker will be chosen from the rest who will strive to do better the next time.”


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