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Angeline Malik to make Hollywood Debut


Iconic TV actress, Angeline Malik is all set to make her Hollywood debut. She’s been quite vocal when it comes to child abuse and maybe that’s why she has decided to be a part of a film which is mainly focusing on child abuse and molestation.

While talking about the film, she revealed that “the film is based on the concept of vani or swara.”

“It is a custom – still found in parts of Pakistan – where girls, often minors, are given in marriage or servitude to an aggrieved family as compensation to end disputes, often murder. Vani is a form of arranged or forced child marriage and the result of punishment decided by a council of tribal elders named jirga. It is tied to blood feuds among the different tribes and clans.”

She added, “The laws have declared this practice to be illegal but the custom still continues.”

About her character, Malik shared, “I play a mother that has no choice but to follow that custom to protect her family.”

The title of the film is yet to be decided. It will be produced by none other than Pakistani American, Faran Tahir, who has played an iconic role in Iron Man.


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