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Shehroz Sabzwari clears all the air regarding him divorcing Syra

The Sabzwari is family is all over the news these days due to all the bad reasons. Week ago they were seen dancing on the Bala song and now there have been speculations regarding Shehroz separating with Syra.

There were rumors that Shehroz Sabzwari cheated on Syra and had an affair with Sadaf Kanwal due to which the couple separated. But recently, Shahroz released a video in which he rejected all the allegations but he did admit that Syra is living with her mother.

“Conflicts are a part of every relationship, and they are extremely private,” he added.

“It is an extremely private matter, how can people say so many things without verification and make things even worse for the people involved? How is it ethical to talk about someone’s divorce when it hasn’t happened? How is a couple’s private conflict even someone else’s problem?” he questioned.

“There is an ongoing conflict, just like there is in every family. The couple is going through something that we’re hoping will resolve and they are trying as well. However, dragging a third person into the matter is immoral. She is also someone’s daughter, just like Syra is our daughter. She is the mother of our grandchild and we love her,” he further added.

“There is no divorce, God forbid anything like that and people spreading these false rumours will be answerable one day. We are all hoping that God helps resolve the problem,” he concluded.


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