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Danish Taimoor claims he is not here to teach but rather to entertain.


Danish Taimoor is a talented Pakistani actor who has worked on a number of quality films and television shows. Ab Dekh Khuda Kia Kerta Hai, Deewangi, and Kaisi Teri Khudgarzi are three of his popular serials. The actor is frequently criticized for choosing the same kinds of roles in which he plays a wealthy brat trying to seduce a helpless young lady.

In response to the criticism, he stated this week in an interview with Hassan Choudary for The Talk Talk Show, “All my characters were different, there are moments in life which don’t describe a certain character, they can be part of character and not the character, I read whole script of a play, I know about all the scenes in order to understand my character, all three characters were different, I have a friend who is exactly like Shamsher, I am not at all like Shamsher. Don’t draw any conclusions about the individual from the persona; my goal is to amuse you.

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