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Sana Fakhar Talks About Her Experience Working With Sunny Deol

An outstanding Pakistani actress is Sana Fakhar. She has acted in both comedies and dramas. Yeh Dil Aap Ka Hua was her claim to fame for the endeavor. She did work in plays as well; audiences adored her serial Alif Allah Aur Insaan. Sana is now working on the March 3rd release of her next film, Super Punjabi.

Sana recently discussed her experience working with Sunny Deol on Nadir Ali’s podcast, saying, “I worked with Sunny Deol in an Indian film called Kafila. Despite these discussions (about his heavy hand), he is an incredibly professional person. I got the role in the Indian film Kafila through an Indian Journalist who simply asked me if I would do work in India. I responded, “If it’s a good role, I can,” which I believe is why I was contacted. He was senior and I was very new at the time, but he was quite senior and a star, but his attitude was so humble, I learned a lot. I was chosen because I had to practice and knew how to ride a horse, among other things. It was a positive encounter.



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