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Feroze Khan’s ex-wife Aliza about going through tests and trials at a young age.

Syeda Aliza Sultan, who used to be married to Feroze Khan, recently made the divorce official. She told everyone about everything, and then Feroze also said it was true. Syeda Aliza told Feroze Khan that they were getting divorced, and she also gave him a list of charges.

So, Syeda Aliza also said that her ex-husband had hurt her and abused her. She said that during the four years she was married, her life was very hard. She said that she was tortured, hurt, and abused, and that this was the norm in her relationship. She also said that she decided to get a divorce because she wanted the best for her children and their future.

Well, Syeda Aliza Sultan seems a bit broken this time as a young single mother because she has written an emotional note about facing challenges, tests, and trials at a young age. She writes, “Going through hard times when you’re young makes you strong, kind, curious, and dignified, and it adds a lot to your life.” If you have to go through a lot of hard things, it doesn’t mean that Allah doesn’t love you. It means that He loves you so much that He trusts you to get back up and become a better version of yourself so you can rule the positions you asked for. Allah doesn’t care if you get the fame, honor, money, or high position you want. He’s Dhul-Jalali and Ikram. When he says “BE,” it happens. But what’s beautiful about His request to wait is that it’s full of khayr. We don’t know, but he does”

Feroze Khan got a divorce from Aliza, and he wants to keep his kids because, he says, Aliza can’t take care of them as well as he can. In the most recent court case, he said this.



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