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Floods Have a Serious Impact on Coke Studio’s Popular Song “Kana Yaari” Singer – Reaction from the Public

“Kana Yaari,” a well-known Coke Studio song, became very popular on social media. The song was a hit with the public and was played at numerous weddings and occasions. The well-known song was also used during the international dancing group’s performance at a wedding. Well, the excellent singer Wahab Bhugti, who performed Kana Yaari, is in a challenging circumstance as a result of how the recent floods have negatively impacted his life and how his house is now submerged in water. Baluchistani native Wahab Bughti is currently dealing with terrible circumstances as a result of the flooding.

The general consensus is that Coke Studio needs to assist him. They are encouraging Coke Studio to support Pakistan’s asset during this difficult time by tagging Coke Studio in their postings as well. A few people are pushing people to boycott Coke Studio since they believe that Coke Studio must have made a lot of money off the song up until this point and are not aware of him. Fans argue that the media should do more to assist those affected by floods and that they should talk more about these locations and the people who live there.

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