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Adnan Siddiqui Requests Help for Cricketer Zaheer Abbas from Chief Minister of Sindh

Zaheer Abbas is a cricketing legend on a global scale and well-known in Pakistani cricket. Zaheer Abbas, also known as “the Bradman of Asia,” gave Pakistan international recognition and elevated it to the ranks of the world’s top cricketing nations. Zaheer Abbas had not been feeling well for a while, and his life was once in danger. He is currently receiving treatment at a hospital in London, and his wife reports that he is doing well

At the airport, where Murad Ali Shah, the Chief Minister of Sindh, was also there, actor Adnan Siddiqui was there. Adnan overheard Mr. CM providing instructions to assist an actor (who Adnan did not name) with his medical care. Adnan Siddiqui subsequently appealed CM Sindh to assist with the treatment of famous Zaheer Abbas on Instagram. Adnan stated that although if Zaheer Abbas is a British citizen and receiving care from the NHS, it is still our responsibility to assist the ailing great in any way we can.

People, however, believed that Adnan’s plea was superfluous because Zaheer Abbas is already receiving treatment through the NHS, one of the top healthcare systems in the world, and he also owns businesses in Defense Karachi and is self-sufficient. Internet users believed that the appeal could have been made for a person in need.


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