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Junaid Khan pays tribute to legendary Mehdi Hassan


The god of ghazal, Mehdi Hassan would have turned 91 if he was alive. Junaid Khan offered his tribute to the pioneer of classical music by a rendition of his Zindagi Mein Tu Sab Hi.

Despite covering Mehdi Hassan Sahib’s track Junaid didn’t forget the genre he’s known for and we all know that he never hesitates to give his touch to the songs he does.

Junaid Khan shared why he chose ‘Zindagi mai tou Sab hi’ for the tribute.

“In Pakistan, there are a few vocalists that I’m so inspired from,” said Junaid. “Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan and Mehdi Hassan are two names that are on top. Their voices, vocals, texture, tone and expression, I’ve always been a fan of.”

“This track by Mehdi Hassan is one I was always moved by this track. From the expression, the lyrics, the melody to the way he sang it, it has always been really inspiring.”

He added, “Of course I can’t even think of matching the skill set of his but I thought that as a humble tribute I should give to this wonderful voice that Pakistan still cherishes. That’s why I thought to do this song in my own style.

“It’s a very deep song and of course using my instrumentation and thought process which is influenced by rock I thought to make my version of this track as a fan.”



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