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Mathira Reveals She Became Mother at the Age of Fifteen

Mathira is a well-known host, model, and actress in Pakistan. She is now the host of Bol Television Network’s The Insta Show. Mathira is a person who does not hold back from voicing her strong ideas. The media fawns over Mathira and praises her authenticity. As it turns out, she has a lot of media friends. Mathira has two sons and she couldn’t be happier about it. She’s been opening up about her experience of becoming a mom at fifteen.

Mathira remarked, “I had my first child when I was fifteen; the birth of my son has changed me and my life for the better.” This was discussed in a podcast with Fariha Altaf. My son is the reason I am successful in life; thanks to him, I was able to get a good job, a good salary, and a steady stream of income. People often mistake him for my boyfriend because of his good looks and height.



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