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Sonya Hussyn’s Views on Working With Mohsin Abbas & Feroze Khan

In Pakistan, Sonya Hussyn is a household name, and the trailers for her upcoming films Tich Button and Daadal have gone viral online. Fans and viewers of her serial Tinkay Ka Sahara are also singing her praises. The actress opened up to Hasan Choudary about her co-stars’ controversial pasts in a recent interview.

She remarked, “I feel there should be no domestic violence, but I don’t know their genuine position till I know the reality, I can’t respond simply after viewing the photographs, and I shouldn’t speak anything unless I talk to both the parties about the matter.” When I inquired about Feroze, he assured me that he was doing OK and that our relationship was not particularly close.

She continued, “My video with Mohsin didn’t come out until the case was in court, it was released later, also, I saw he was being cancelled out from everywhere he was not being given work, again, you can’t snatch anyone’s bread and butter, one can go towards solution, we should talk to the person and do his or her counseling, after canceling one gets destructive, rehabilitation is the right approach.” I recall a period when Mohsin couldn’t afford to buy even the basics like bread and butter, and I think it’s time that was addressed.

You may recall Mohsin Abbas Haider and Sonya from the popular TV show Meri Guriya. They have recorded a music video for inclusion in the upcoming film Daadal. Sonya and Feroze Khan will star in the upcoming romantic comedy Tich Button.


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