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Pakistani Celebrities Demand Justice For Sarah

The issue of violence against women is central to Pakistan’s struggles with law and order. There has been an uptick in acts of violence at all levels of society, with no consequences for those responsible. Zahir Jaffer, who murdered Noor Mukadam recently in Islamabad, has not been brought to justice despite widespread public outcry. We Pakistanis chant and tweet “Justice For Someone” every month, yet nothing ever changes. Sara Shahnawaz, who was murdered by her husband in Islamabad, is the most recent victim.

Canadian citizenship is held by Sara Shahnawaz. She tied the knot with her social media-met-hu man only three months ago. The famous journalist Ayaz Amir is the father of her husband. Her husband killed her after she returned home from a trip abroad by beating her with weightlifting weights. The cops have taken Shahnawaz into custody.

There is a renewed call for Sarah’s acquittal from the entire nation, and celebrities aren’t staying silent about it. Everyone voiced their concern that Zahir Jaffer had not yet received the punishments he deserved, and they all called for justice to be given to Sarah.

Here’s what they had to say:

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