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Pakistani’s “representation” at Dundee

Scotland, UK – A Pakistani Students Association was recently put together at the Dundee University, United Kingdom. Having an extensive number of Pakistani students, Dundee has been missing a unified platform for Pakistanis since long. It was a great moment for the Pakistani students, British Pakistanis and other international students who wished to know more about the Pakistani culture, society, traditions and way of life.

Speaking to, the Vice President of Dundee University Pakistani Students Association, Fahd Ali Asif said,

“It has been a great honour for me, personally, to be involved in the creation of an official presence of the Pakistanis in Dundee. Dundee and Pakistan have a great history together, and we shall take it to new heights through increased cooperation at all levels, and also providing the Pakistani students a unified platform to solve their issues and reservations.”

“We not only wish to cater to the distinct needs of the Pakistani population at Dundee, but also to go beyond and play our part in social service, and also bridging the gaps between various nations, while being here.” Fahd further added.

Talking about the support from the University he said:

DUSA has been a great support, myself and Umair, would like to personally thank Andrew Smith, the President at DUSA for helping us sort out the matters, and I think the assistance we’ve received from all circles within the University has been very encouraging.

The society has successfully had its elections, and has elected a dedicated team to represent the interests. Its facebook group has grown to an impressive count of 150 in less than two weeks of inception. The first event was a “BBQ in the Sun” and more events are to follow, PakManzil has learned.

It must be noted that Dundee University Students Association, which is the home of students at Dundee University, has been recently ranked as being the number 1 students association in Scotland, 3rd in UK and an overwhelming 7th globally.

PakManzil has teamed up with PSA Dundee to support it with media coverage, press assistance and other networking opportunities.

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