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Sajal Aly’s Namaste Action Makes People Question Her


On a recent video that has been making the rounds on social media, the stunning and brilliant Pakistani actor Sajal Aly was seen performing the Namaste gesture. The video clip was actually posted from the debut of a brand-new video streaming service. In her off-white and black double breasted suit, Sajal Aly looked stunning. Here is a video of Sajal Aly performing the Namaste gesture.

Fans began to criticize her for taking the uncalled-for action, in their opinion. Fans claimed that these performers frequently resemble Hindus because they believe themselves to be Hindus. What’s wrong with these sisters, one social media user inquired in response to Sajal & Saboor’s behavior. Nearly everyone also questioned Sajal Aly’s religion as a Hindu girl. Additionally, they spoke poorly about her. We don’t do Namaste, a person on social media stated. Why do they do Namaste when they don’t have a distinctive style, a user asked.



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